Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Layrite T-Shirts are coming....

Show the world what brand pomade you use to hold up that hair by rockin a OG Layrite T-Shirt.
We have the original (a.k.a OG) classic shirt coming to the shop in sizes Large, X-Large, and 2XL. Ordered today, so we should see them here in Chicago in a week or two.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Year

Is how long this customer let his hair grow ! He came into the shop sick of the hair and wanting a nice/traditional cut. After about 45min he looked about 4 years younger and was diggin his new style. We usually don't do before & after pics but this one was a given..

Friday, August 19, 2011


Check out our new/soon to be available T-Shirt with artwork from our buddy Jason Goad ...

Will have the shop's razor logo in front, along with the new "Take It Off" artwork on the back. Look for the shirts to be available in the shop as well as online in the next few weeks...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Our latest customer review on YELP starts off:

" I signed up with yelp just to post this review ... I'm so used to going to chain haircut places, that I forgot what a real barbershop is even like. That all changed when I tried Joe's Barber Shop last week. Instead of an eight-minute assembly line approach to cutting hair, this one took about a half-hour - and you can tell the difference. Not only did Joe Jr. do a great job - he's a really nice and friendly guy. "

Read the rest of this review and ALL the others

In the mid 2000′s, Kirk Merchant, owner of Truefitt & Hill barbershop, noticed that interest in traditional barbering was finally coming back after a long hiatus. However, there was not a sufficient supply of either barbers or barbershops to meet the future demand. So in 2008 he created the Chicago Barbers Association to promote the profession of barbering to a new generation. Then, in 2010, he partnered with Joe Caccavella, Jr and together they have begun bringing Chicago area barbers together to network and work together to revive the industry. Click * * H E R E * *  to visit the CBA website..

Friday, August 12, 2011

J.M. Mulcahy's SHAVE SOAP is used in the shop for every neck/face shave we do.
Made with all natural ingredients (all from the USA), Chicago made, and produces a rich/thick lather that can't be beat! Available in both Texas Cedarwood & Unscented. Just $12.00 for a 3oz. tin....