Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Custom/One-Off Andis® Master ML clippers

Joe’s Barber shop takes the already famous Andis® Master ML and takes it a step further with the own our process to obtain a true custom clipper. All custom clipper models start off as a 100% brand new clipper from Andis® . Each clipper assembly gets removed from its case with the up most care to preserve all factory settings. Then the case gets media blasted to create a textured finish for the custom coating process to adhere too. Once all threaded holes and mounting surfaces are taped/blocked off, the 1st of many coats are applied. ALL of our colors are custom mixed to insure a truly one-off color that looks a mile deep while still being hard as a rock. After the clipper is coated it visits the oven for a “slow cure” process which insures a solid/chemical resistant coating on every clipper! Once the coating has passed inspection the clipper gets re-assembled and tested before being put back into its original box and shipped to its new owner..

Clippers in the above colors retail for $225.00 plus shipping via USPS Priority delivery. Hit me up @ if you want to get your order going...

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