Thursday, November 4, 2010

The shop's latest YELP! review reads:

"Welcome to the barber shop that time forgot. You need the best of Sam Cooke on 8-Track? They got it. You need VHS copies of the Star Wars trilogy, you know, the ones before Lucas decided Han didn't shoot first? $2 a tape.

You need an excellent straight razor shave at a price that seems to have missed a decade or so of men's grooming service price inflation? Hot damn does Joe's have your back on this one. $15. FIFTEEN DOLLARS! When Joe Jr. mentioned that they would be raising the price to $20 after the new year I laughed because that's still absurdly cheap for the level of service involved.

The shave was exactly what a straight razor shave should be. I went in with a pretty good beard, so Joe took the beard down with the clippers before going to work. Two applications of hot towels to get everything nice and supple and on the surface. Warm lather gently applied to the skin. A chance to have Joe take a goofy picture of my face with 1/2 before and 1/2 after. A sure and steady hand working with a very sharp razor against my throat, never slipping despite the vigorous smack talking going back and forth between father and son as they worked on their respective clients. Cool towels and a good stinging after shave lotion.

Did I mention this was FIFTEEN DOLLARS?! I wish Yelp had the option to use 400 point Comic Sans font in a review, so I could properly emphasize this point. I've given good reviews to other barbers, and they deserved them for good work. But this was certainly every bit as good as shaves that were three times the price. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. Old time barber shop vibe, ambience like the living room of that old uncle who hasn't thrown anything out since 1968, and an excellent shave at an unbeatable price."

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