Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday 4-21-11 - Three Aces on Taylor St. - Death from Above

Thursday April 21st come out and try the burger that was featured on WGN. YES, WGN! Bozo, Tom Skilling and The Death From Above Burger, you can't get anymore Chicago than that.

$20 gets you the Death From Above burger (this burger is being exclusively made for this event and this event ONLY) an kick-ass side and a New Holland Golden Cap that was perfectly paired for this burger directly from the guys at New Holland brewery.

The Death From Above burger is an all duck meat patty, topped with a duck egg, bourbon prune jam and coleslaw with apple and spices. The side of duck fat fries are topped with duck confit poutine.

Three Aces is located @ 1321 W. Taylor Street

Chicago, IL 60607

* * * Click HERE to visit Three Aces website * * *

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