Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hair not doing what ya want it too ?

Your 1st problem is that it might not be cut right. Having the hair cut to the way you actually wear it is the #1 issue guys have with their hair. If you wear your hair in say a traditional pompadour, then it should be cut in that style. The more the cut itself is catered to the style, the easier it will be for the customer to style his own hair on a daily basis..

2nd Issue we come across is that people aren't using the correct product for their desired style. Johnny Cash and Elvis's hair wasn't natural people ! They had TONS of grease in their hair to get those trademark styles. So do yourself a favor and get some water based pomade, don't be afraid to glob it in, and pickup yourself a nice simple comb. The days of "combing" your hair with your fingers were over the day you got out of college. Both Layrite and Suavecito brand pomade are both available in the shop and will get you looking your dapper best while still washing out clean in the shower...

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