Saturday, November 3, 2012

Support Local Barbershops..

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The word “Barber” used to stand for something. Professional/Traditional/Licensed barbering is not available for $5 at the Un-licensed shop on the corner, or even $100 @ the new/hip place that just opened up in the city. For generations real licensed barbers have bought houses, raised children, purchased new cars, and made a honest living making their customers look their best at reasonable prices. The “chop shop” chains like SportsClips, Floyds, Hair Curttery, and the best of all “Male Salons” try to play the role of a traditional barber, while at the same time take away customers and $$ from the real deal shops that have been around for generations. Share this with your buddies who support these soul-less “Chop Shops”, and give them a slap upside the head next time ya see them. Support local barbershops..
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