Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Calling all Beard-ists --->

Joe Jr. here from the barbershop.
The “Great Beard Off” is still in the planning stages, but here’s the ideas we have put together so far.

All event patrons will gather at the shop on Sunday 3/24/13 to have each of their faces cleaned off of any and all facial hair by way of a hot lather straight razor shave, then a picture will be taken of the new clean face, and a entry fee of $20 to gain access into the contest will b paid. Each contestant will then have to report back to the barbershop the last Sunday of each month for one year for any sort of trimming, shaping, etc on their growing facial hair, as well as to have another official headshot taken and another $20 to go into the “kitty” so to speak. If a month is missed that said contestant will be eliminated from the competition.

At the end of the year/contest, the barbershop will host a event in which the crowd will have the chance to vote for which beard/facial hair creation they think is the best. The winner will get cash and prizes (amount and what still yet to be determined) and whatever else we come up with to celebrate this monumental achievement.

Anyone who thinks they (and their beard) have what it takes to be the 1st annual beard champ shoot me an email directly at JoesBarberShop1@aol.com and we can get ya signed up…

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