Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's your hair, SPEAK UP !

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We are barbers, not miracle workers people ! Guy comes in yesterday with a outgrown "Undercut" hairstyle (Google it if you aren't sure what the kids are wearing today). Says he wants a regular haircut, the barber kindly tells him that it's going to be hard as their is little to no hair on the sides of his head to work with. After 30 minutes cutting hair off here and there and going back and forth with the mirror trying to get a sense of what the customer is ACTUALLY wanting he literally says "I'm not opposed to just doing a buzz all over" ! So with absolutely no direction from the customer the barber did the best he could, and what does he and the shop get, but A two star review on good ol' YELP ! Click the link, read what "Peter M" had to say, and please remember we can only do what your hair and your description will allow. It's YOUR hair, YOU have to decide what the barber does with it. If you aren't good at describing what ya like, bring in a picture ---> 
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