Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pop-Up Joe's

The “Pop-Up Joe’s” mobile barbershop project is a way to bring the traditional/one of kind feel you get while at the real Joe’s Barbershop Chicago on the road (so to speak). This mobile structure can be setup @ local events, trade shows, pop-up bazaar’s, parties, etc. Offering full power for clippers & hot lather, two barbers, vintage barstools (chairs are WAY to heavy to lug around), and the same killer classic cuts you get in the real shop.

If you would be interested in having us setup the “Pop-Up Joe’s mobile barbershop project at YOUR next event shoot Joe Jr. a email directly @ JoesBarberShop1@aol.com

Make sure to checkout the debut of the “Pop-Up Joe’s” mobile barbershop project @ the upcoming Vintage Bazaar @ the Congress theatre on Sunday Sept 18th 2011..

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