Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Respect Tradition....

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Pictured above is Joe Sr's father Victor. Victor put food on his family's table as well as supported and funded the move to American from Italy by being a barber. Joe Sr (his son) has done the same for his family, as is now his son Joe Jr. Allot of people take the trade of barbering as not being a "serious" profession, as something to be looked down upon, or something that is "easy" of anyone can do. What I usually say to the above is go grab a clipper or a pair of shears and go try it ! Not as easy as a trained barber makes it look. Do yourself a favor and tell your buddy who goes to a salon or a $5 quick cut place to respect himself alittle more, get a good haircut from a licensed barber, and respect and support a tradition that is the worlds oldest legal profession.

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