Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Is this what it's come down too ?

* * *
Is this what it's come too ? Local “Barbershops” sending over females to get their hair cut at our shop just to cause us issues. Prank phonecalls from “competing” barbershops in the area. Other barbershop's stealing pictures that we post online and putting them up on their pages ! I mean, the frickin shop's don’t even look the same in the least genius ! Taking the words that I post, literally copying them word for word, and posting them as your own? Local shop’s befriending all of our “friends” trying to make them switch shops? Then once it comes out they “block” us from their social media? Like we care what they do. It’s getting so petty and so old. Is that good business ? Is this how you run your business? Is this how you want to portray your business to the public ? If I were a customer I would be embarrassed to tell people where I got my haircut. Joe Sr. started this shop back in 1968 and we are very very lucky to still be around today, and doing as well as we are. All of this social media stuff is fun, or atleast it was when we started it around 4 years ago. Now all it has become is something to check on to see what shop has stole our logo today, which shop is re-posting our pictures and words, and who I have to send out very large Jewish lawyer after next. We do what we do, and we do it the very best we can. Maybe other shop’s should focus on trying to do the same. – Joe Jr.
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