Sunday, July 14, 2013

The word is Traditonal, not "Old School"...

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What makes a good business ? Why do people go to one shop over another ? Back in the day businesses were built on quality, value, and keeping to what the business owner wants to offer to his customers. Now a days it is do whatever you can do to suck each and every person that walks in the door dry, give the least amount of service for the MOST price, skimp here and their to save a buck, Do whatever your customers want/demand to make more $$, etc. When did everything change ?
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Places like our little barbershop are deeply rooted in the way things used to be. We are (and always will be) a first come first served, cash only, traditional barbershop (not a salon) for gentleman. We do NOT rush people out of the chair, we do NOT do haircuts and styles that we do not feel are traditional, we do NOT raise our prices every week to gouge our loyal customers, and we def. do NOT worry about what the other pop-up “barbershops” are doing down the street. Established 1968 means allot to everyone that works here at Joe’s , and it should mean something to you..
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