Saturday, July 20, 2013


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Saturday has come once again. Saturdays are by far the busiest day here in our little shop. Our barbers work as fast as they can, but do not rush when it comes to cutting hair and shaving. Some styles and customers take more time to get in/out of the chair, some take less. We always have been a 1st come 1st served cash only non-appointment barbershop and that is NOT going to change.  We do what we do the best we can, and have said before we will put our $15 dollar haircut up against ANY in the city, no matter how expensive. Saturday ='s a crazy day, so if your planning on coming in today for a cut/shave, bring your patience, expect around a hour wait, enjoy the beer fridge, watch a movie, wait your turn in the chair, and enjoy a day NOT at work.
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